Your mental health x mindset impacts EVERYTHING.

Hi, I’m Kristin, your new Mindset Coach and Therapist.

I help WOC entrepreneurs + professionals break the negative thought patterns and habits keeping them from the success they desire so they can live out their purpose with excitement and confidence.

And you?


You’re strong. Determined. Dedicated. Resilient. 

You’re on the path to greatness and unfortunately, roadblocks come along with the territory.

As you journey through your career, you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster at times. You struggle to knock out your to-do list because you feel all over the place and are unable to focus. Although you’re doing what you love, it feels lonely and like you don’t have much support from the people you love. You feel super stressed, anxious and overwhelmed a little too often. You’re afraid of failure. Or even success. And it stops you in your tracks from time to time.

I’m here to help you regain your peace of mind and improve your quality of life and ultimately create impact and legacy — IT’S THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS. 

Feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or fearful? 

Let’s chat – I’m here to help you. 

My clients rant and rave about my ability to put myself in their shoes and empower them to grow to new heights and crush all of their goals. And I’m ready to commit 110% and do the same for you. Let me help you through those difficult times, hold you accountable and celebrate your wins along the way.

Check out these Resources…

The DFBG Mindset Podcast is a weekly podcast created for young, fly God-fearing women of color entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their mindsets so they can transform their lives. Each week, I’m dishing on business, faith, relationships, finances, and so much more.

Her Therapy Space is a safe haven for women, where we provide transformative therapy and counseling services in Washington, DC — We specialize in work + business related stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and tough life transitions.

Client Love

Since working with Kristin, I’ve been able to step out into my own freelancing career after years of believing that it just wasn’t possible for me. I no longer have any beliefs of scarcity and I realized that there are no limits to what I could do…that I can literally choose how I want to feel, think, live, the people in my life, how much I want to make, etc.!

-Nicki M.

Kristin, I got my dream job! Thank you so much for your help especially with having the confidence to go through this interview process.

-Danielle E.

Thank you so much for your support over the last couple of months. I can really see my growth and now have some tools to help guide me in the future. I will forever be grateful!

-Destinie D.

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