In this episode, I dish on how I had to work on challenging limiting beliefs that I was experiencing to include:

– “I didn’t study finance, so who am I to be teaching on it?”

– “I’m still going through my journey, how can I help others?”

– “I’m not valuable enough.”

There’s 3 ways that I actually challenged those beliefs and ultimately completely eliminating that way of thinking. Those were all lies that I warped into facts.

Here’s how to challenge the “I’m not valuable enough” way of thinking…

  1. Look at what you already are skilled at and determine how you can apply them to the work that you want to do.

I realized that my psychology background and expertise was applicable to money management and that this unique perspective was indeed valuable. This boosted my confidence and showed me that I could help people regardless of not studying finance.

  1. Get even more educated on the industry that you are in or want to be in.

This increased my knowledge about finances and my skillset and as a result that was a major confidence boost as well. I was able to better serves my clients and my audience.

  1. Do the actual work!

Once I started to put myself out there and share my journey, people started to notice me in the personal finance industry. I gained a loyal following. I got recognized often for the work that I did. I was able to attract the people that I was called to serve.

All of these things challenged my belief system because I was seeing results that proved what I thought to be lies. I helped dozens of people even while I was still on my own journey. I saw that I was valuable because I was getting noticed for my unique take on money.


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