“First and foremost, a start-up puts you on an emotional roller coaster unlike anything you have ever experienced. You flip rapidly from day-to-day — one where you are euphorically convinced you are going to own the world, to a day in which doom seems only weeks away and you feel completely ruined, and back again. ⁣

Over and over and over. And I’m talking about what happens to stable entrepreneurs. There is so much uncertainty and so much risk around practically everything you are doing. The level of stress that you’re under generally will magnify things incredible highs and unbelievable lows at whiplash speed and huge magnitude. Sound like fun?”⁣

-Marc Andreessen⁣

Entrepreneurship can take a huge toll on your mental wellbeing. the sleepless nights. isolation. overwhelm. anxiety. feeling like you’re not good enough. the fear. ⁣

In this episode, I dish on 6 practical ways to boost your mood and improve your overall mental health so that you can flourish on this journey called life. If your mental health is jacked up, so is everything else!


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