In this episode, you can find me chatting it up with Precious K. Williams, the founder of Simply Passionate Life, which is a lifestyle brand and motivational media outlet for ambitious women. Precious is a Joy Influencer, a counselor and speaker who is on a mission to teach women how to find their passion, prioritize wellness and live joy-filled lives.

During this episode, Precious talked about:

  • How she went from a size 20 to a size 10 and regained control over her life
  • How getting closer to God helped her find her authentic self
  • The importance of taking inventory of your life
  • Why slow growth is a good thing along with the failures
  • What to do when you start doubting what you’re doing in business
  • How to choose joy every single day

And so much more! Tune in to get all of the gems she dropped practical strategies that you can start implementing immediately to see some changes in your life and business.


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