In this episode, you can find me chatting it up with Whitney Mcnulty, an author, dancer, empowerment speaker, freedom coach and a mental health advocate. Whitney helps men & women break FREE from mental bondage so that they may live their most healed, abundant and purposeful lives.

During this episode, Whitney talked about:

  • What her purpose as a Freedom Coach is
  • How she struggled with insecurities about her body and weight until she went on a healing journey
  • What the healing process may look like
  • The importance of being vulnerable and the power of authenticity
  • Tools to utilize through the healing journey
  • How her book ‘Alive’ has been therapeutic for herself and others

And so much more! Tune in to get all of the nuggets that Whitney gave if you’re looking to level up in your confidence and heal from past pain and insecurities.


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