In this episode, you can find me having a blast chatting it up with Charmayne Carter. Charmayne is an author, speaker, event planner, community development leader, and the Founder of Wife Up, Inc. She’s extremely passionate about seeing women and couples pursue their God-given purposes. Wife Up is a 501(C)(3) women’s marriage empowerment nonprofit organization that seeks to prepare single women; equip engaged women; and support married women in their pursuit of success in marriage. 

During this episode, Charmayne discussed:  

  • How you become a wife well before saying I Do
  • How she had to overcome doubts about being a newlywed and starting Wife Up
  • Why it’s important to pursue your vision prior to getting married
  • Knowing what your sex threshold is
  • Being grateful for the process

And so much more! Tune in to hear how Charmayne pursued her vision and to learn what it takes to have a successful marriage. 


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