In this episode, I’m talking with Zandile Chiwanza aka Za Knows, who is a journalist and financial wellness champion based in Toronto, Canada. She writes about her journey on the road to financial independence and educates on how others can do the same based on her personal experiences. Her candidness and passion for personal finance make her very relatable and fun to learn from. I enjoyed chatting with her as she is someone near and dear to my heart and I wanted you to get to know her for yourself. 

During this episode, Zandile discussed:  

  • What financial wellness is
  • Why it’s imperative to get your mind right in order to get your money right 
  • The importance of creating the conversation about money 
  • How to pitch yourself
  • How she personally started turning her financial habits around and how you can too

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how Zandile overcame those stinkin’ limiting beliefs and started walking boldly in her purpose to serve others through her writing. 


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