In this episode, I’m talking with True Leigh Devine, who is a blogger, author, entrepreneur and so much more. For so many years, True struggled with finding her purpose. When people would ask what she wanted to be, she had no answer. For years she thought she was a mistake, that God purposefully created everyone but her. In her own journey to find purpose, she discovered that she wasn’t alone. So many others felt lost like her, and it drove them to make decisions that sometimes permanently affected their futures. She became passionate about helping others, especially young women, discover their purpose and live it. She currently shares her journey, and things that inspire her on her blog Whatsoever Things Are True, her YouTube channel, and her social media.

I had such a great time gaining insight into how True has been finding purpose in “the small things” and using her platform to share what she learns along the way. 

During this episode, True discussed:  

  • What she has learned about herself since being in therapy
  • How she challenges negative self-talk and fear 
  • Tips for starting therapy for the first time
  • How her passion for purpose was birthed through her struggle with finding hers 
  • The importance of being relational in (content) writing
  • How she stays organized and on top of her tasks 
  • Stepping outside of her introvert comfort zone 

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how True walks in her purpose by serving in all that she does. 


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