In this episode, I’m talking with Christian Mills, who is a woman of God, author, speaker and Founder of The Surrendered Life. The Surrendered Life is an online-based ministry purposing to help millennial women access the freedom and favor that comes with living a surrendered life. 

Through Christian’s own journey of surrendering control to God when life got very tough and she could not make things happen in her own strength, she learned that freedom and favor come when you decide to put your life in God’s hands and let Him take the lead.

I am grateful that I was able to sit down and chat with Christian as I believe her story is so very relatable and impactful. 

During this episode, Christian discussed:  

  • Why/how she started her online ministry and what it means to live a surrendered life 
  • How she knew that it was personally time for her to surrender to God
  • Tips to relinquish control and giving it to God
  • Her book, Surrendered: It’s About Time You Let God Lead
  • Why you have to stop taking things so personal 
  • The importance of WAITING
  • Growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid) and how it has shaped who she is today 

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how Christian finally let God have 100% control over her life and purpose. 


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