In this episode, I’m talking with Jessica Lauren who is a lifestyle + inspirational blogger over at, host of The Sunday Jumpstart Podcast, and a Goals Coach. 

Jessica started her creative entrepreneurial journey in 2015–when she grew tired of dealing with the constant rejection in her acting career. 

I was tired of hearing no. So I created my own yes! I started NoRealJewelry as a creative outlet. Instead of waiting around for my agent to get me auditions I started to “book” myself and develop my own content for the blog. I was done asking for permission to create. So I took my power back and made my own opportunities. Life is so funny because once I created the blog I secured campaigns with the very brands that rejected me as an actor! Lol! As NRJ began to grow I discovered that I was passionate about encouraging other women to overcome their fears and pursue their God-given passions full force!” 

Almost 4 years later and Jessica has turned her blog into a business. She just recently launched her 8-week coaching program– The Goal Getter Sessions where she helps folks break their huge Beyonce sized goals down into actionable steps while holding them accountable to their commitments and get over mental roadblocks that prevent them from being high achieving #GoalGetters. She’s also hosted several workshops + panels, created a podcast, an online store and continues to build a blog that encourages women to not only dream big but to do the work to make their dreams come true. 

Jessica is out here getting it okurrr! I love how candid she was during our interview and know that so many will be able to relate to some of her experiences. 

During this episode, Jessica discussed:  

  • How she’s currently on a journey of reconnecting and rediscovering herself
  • How she’s unlearning things that no longer serve her and how to use her voice
  • Being a recovering people pleaser 
  • What self-care really looks like 
  • How her work with No Real Jewelry has evolved over the years 
  • How it took her 9 years to book her first professional acting gig and she didn’t give up despite the rejection time after time 
  • Breaking free from a two-year situationship 

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how Jessica has pushed through all of the rejections and created her own lane. 


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