In this episode, I’m talking with Daphne Valcin who is the founder of the “Business Launch Bootcamp,” a 90-day accelerated program for freelancers, coaches and consultants to start a business or grow a business they love that can give them the financial freedom they desire.

Coach Daphne Valcin had a self-sustaining business after a little over one year in business, defying the statistic that 90% of startup businesses fail and bringing in revenues equivalent to a respectable salary after launching and while 9 months pregnant! Less than 1 ½ years after that, her monthly revenues doubled, and recently, now as a mother of a one-year-old and three-year-old, her monthly revenue was higher than her monthly income at her highest paying job, working just 20-25 hours a week. 

As a seasoned mentor, professional speaker, certified group facilitator, and leadership and business coach, she has facilitated growth opportunities for thousands of people throughout the country through her work for more than a decade. 

During this episode, Daphne discussed:  

  • How going to therapy can be an essential tool in business 
  • The challenges of being a first-time mom
  • The importance of asking for help/support from others
  • How she went from making $72 her first month in business to recently making revenues that were above her highest paying job’s monthly income.
  • How she overcame the fear of asking for the sale
  • How her business gives her the freedom to be a stay at home mom
  • How she became a barrier breaker and the importance of doing so in business 
  • How having a scarcity mindset impacted her sales and marketing early on in business
  • What you need to know about investments as a business owner

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how Daphne walks in her purpose on a daily basis everywhere she goes and how she has been blessed as a result. 


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