the SACREDspace seminar series.

a safe, nonjudgmental space created for growth, restoration and healing


♥ connected with God ♥

about the SACREDspace seminar

The Sacred Space Seminar is designed to hold a space for women of faith to unravel issues that hold them back from being themselves, moving forward in their careers, and building authentic relationships. We understand the obstacles women face and we want to help you build strong connections so you can thrive towards your God-given purpose.

Attendees will walk away with tangible tools that they can apply to their daily lives. Our workshop will break through the negative thoughts/limiting beliefs,  connect you to your vision, and champion the voices that cheer on your success!


topics being covered:


Being true to ourselves and transparent with the world


Pushing past the fear, choosing faith and doing it scared


Being selfless by fulfilling our God-given purpose


Untreated depression, anxiety, traumas and how they are impacting your life


Is being unproductive costing you?

Alongside God, we are co-creators in our destiny. We have the power to choose and create the life we desire. We don’t have to sit back and let our thoughts control us or keep us living a subpar life. God has equipped us with everything we need to be successful.

SACREDspace is for you if:

  • Fear holds you back more often than you’d like to admit and you’re ready to walk in FAITH
  • You have some guilt and shame that you’ve been carrying for years
  • You’d like to take better care of yourself holistically
  • You’re ready to fully operate in your God-given purpose


what attendees will learn:

  • How to identify your fears and challenge/reframe them so you can finally develop and execute your life goals
  • How to become open to the healing process so you can release negative emotions/experiences and finally move forward
  • What transparency and authenticity looks like in order to promote self-accountability
  • How to identify your God-given purpose so you can feel fulfilled in all that you do 
  • How to break the cycles of unproductivity and procrastination so you can maximize your time and monetize your gift


what you’ll receive:

  • SACREDspace Workbook with thought-provoking exercises so you can gain self-awareness and explore new possibilities ($47 value)
  • Wellness Bag full of self-care goodies ($27 value)
  • 1 30-Minute Strategy Call so we can create an action plan to work towards your vision ($300 value)
  • Healthy Catered Lunch + Snacks so you can stay nourished throughout the event ($20 value)
  • Connections with Powerful Women so you don’t have to do it alone! (priceless!)


SACREDspace facilitators

Meet Kristin

Kristin Sutton, LPC is a licensed therapist, mindset coach and speaker that partners with ambitious women entrepreneurs to break the negative thought patterns keeping them from success so they can live out their purpose with excitement and confidence. She believes that we have the power to choose and create the life we desire and it all starts with our thinking. With over 7 years experience in human services, Kristin has helped 100s of people shift their ways of thinking in order to live a life they once didn’t think was a possibility. Kristin has been featured in Essence, Cosmopolitan, CNN Money, Rolling Out, Huff Post and a number of other platforms.

Meet Dr. Alixis

Dr. Alixis S. Rhodes is a self-published author of The Rhode To Success: 31 Days of Self-Reflecting. One of her purposes in life is to help people understand the importance of incorporating healthy mental health practices so that people can live a vibrant and successful life that is defined on their own terms. Dr. Rhodes is currently a professor at a college where she teaches Interpersonal Communication and Diversity & Racial Issues. She is also one of the founders of No Black Girl Left Behind. It was created due to the disconnect amongst black women with uplifting each other towards achieving their goals, connecting, and becoming a strong support system for one another. Dr. Rhodes has extensive experience working with individuals with severe mental illnesses, individuals in the criminal justice system, as well as families and children in the foster care system.

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