Be Debt Free Course


THE STEP BY STEP COURSE teaches you how to payoff your debt with ease so you can have peace of mind and do more of what you love.

What’s included?

16 Videos
2 Surveys
2 Texts
25 PDFs
9 Audios



Ever wondered why your great job doesn’t allow you to ball out at brunchbuy Beyoncé tickets and still be able to pay down debt in peace? It seems like no matter how much you make, or try to save,

there’s NEVER enough money.

Everyone says “It takes sacrifice to get out of debt. All you need is a budget… ” so then why the heck are you feeling like your bank account is spinning out of control?

You’ve had enough…

  • You’re super stressed out and you want your life back.
  • IT SUCKS freaking out every month wondering if you missed any bill payments or even have enough.
  • IT SUCKS watching people who make less money than you save an insane amount and become debt-free.
  • IT SUCKS constantly being embarrassed about your finances and wondering if you’ll ever be able to get that house, car, or life of your dreams.

the truth is, you need to stop trying to do this alone.

Not sure if you “need” some assistance? Let me know if any of these sound familiar.

  • You’re struggling with managing debt effectively and saving feels impossible.
  •  You aren’t able to travel with your girls more often, start your side hustle, or do any of the things on your goal list.
  •  Anxiety has become your best friend, because you know as soon as that direct deposit hits, something else is going to pop up. Every month there is a new emergency that your credit card needs to take care of.
  •  You’re screaming “Treat Yo Self,” while your bank account is screaming “There’s food at the house.”
  • The thought of having to deprive yourself of the things you like to do makes you depressed. What was the point of getting a degree, accumulating all of that debt, only to live paycheck to paycheck and with restrictions?

If you’re shaking your head and wondering how I know your life right now…It’s because I do, and I’m ready to help!

There are 2 things you need to live your best financial life: an actual STRATEGY for spending and paying off debt paired with a MINDSET SHIFT around money.

How would it feel if you spent your days…

  • Actually getting excited about payday again, because you’re keeping more money than you’re dishing out?
  •  Having money in your emergency fund when something unexpected pops up?
  •  Finally being able to stick to a spending plan that you actually love?
  •  Paying off your debts faster?
  •  Saying YES to friends when they invite you out for brunch or happy hour without stressing about money or feeling embarrassed?
  •  Achieving the financial freedom to do more of the things you enjoy doing without having to worry?
  • Being more confident about your finances and taking back your power and control?

Here’s what’s inside the course:

MODULE 1: Creating a Winning Mindset – You will learn about how your limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving your money goals, how to dispute these beliefs, the power of positive thinking, and how your money attitudes and relationships with money have been shaped over time.
MODULE 2: Vision for your Finances – You will discover how to create vision for your debt payoff and finance goals, learn how to create SMART debt payoff goals, and how to prioritize and re-evaluate them over time.
MODULE 3: Know your Numbers – You’ll finally face your fears and get an accurate account of how much debt you’re in and analyze your actual spending. Knowing your numbers will allow you to prep for strategy creation.
MODULE 4: Building Blocks – You’ll learn how to find ways you can cut expenses, learn how to identify your actual needs vs. wants, how to build a decent emergency fund fast, and create a bomb budgeting system that is aligned with your debt payoff goals.
MODULE 5: Debt Rundown – You’ll learn all you need to know about debt including the most common types, the difference between installment and revolving debt, and tips on how to handle each specific type.
MODULE 6: Demolish that Debt – You’ll learn proven payoff methods that will turn your wasting into demolishing. You’ll also learn how to communicate effectively with your lenders. 
MODULE 7: Side Hustlin’ to Slay Debt – You’ll discover creative side hustle ideas and what to do with the extra coins so that you can payoff your debts even faster.
MODULE 8: The Wrap Up – It’s time to celebrate! You’ll learn how to continue building momentum with your debt payoff journey, how to stay on track and out of debt for good, and what’s next: doing more of the things you love, wealth building, and planning for retirement.



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