In this episode, I’m talking with Masiel Encarnación (also known as Massi) who is an Afro-Latina weight loss coach, fitness educator and the founder of The ConFITence Blueprint. Massi helps busy, ambitious WOC lose weight and feel great without limiting their diets. Her approach to wellness revolves around creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle without giving up our culture, our flavors or who we are.

Massi teaches women in her community that healthy habits are built over time and not with a quick-fix-microwave mentality.

She comes from a family where the gap in nutritional knowledge is often huge and becoming a weight loss coach helped solidify her mission to spread the knowledge of true health and fitness without the gimmicks.

She created the ConFITence Blueprint, her premium group coaching program to help other women who look like her and come from similar backgrounds, take control of their lives and lose the weight for good.

Her holistic Blueprint includes a mix of mental health, proper nutrition, and fitness.

She aspires to inspire but will also keep it REAL – and cut through the bullsh*t that permeates the fitness industry.

During this episode, Massi discussed:  

  • Why a lot of WOC struggle with prioritizing themselves and their health and the top 3 struggles she sees with her clients 
  • How a breakup propelled her into taking control of her health 
  • Her struggle with perfectionism and imposter syndrome and how she shifted her mindset
  • How coaching and mentorship relationships pushed her out of her comfort zone and into success
  • Why mental health/mindset is the most important key to losing weight successfully
  • Why dieting is the wrong way to go if you want sustainable weight loss
  • Her signature ConFITence Blueprint framework 
  • How to find a coach that’s best for you
  • Practical steps that you can take immediately if you want to lose weight 

And so much more! Tune in now to hear how Massi is shattering myths and misconceptions about nutrition and fitness with the amazing work that she does. 


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